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I absolutely love my new Hurricane impact windows! They have already reduced my electric bill, and they are very soundproof.

Steve did an excellent job installing them!!  He  was very professional and considerate. He and Chris cleaned up all the debris and left the place spotless! It was a joy working with them.

I would highly recommend Fountain windows and doors! They are the best!

Maria Palmer

Satellite Beach, Florida 

Your crew performed a home makeover. The way they did so was as impressive as the outcome. Your crew arrived at my home each day in a timely manner, which made me more at ease with the whole process. Your crew consistently protected my exterior foliage with plastic. No glass was found after job completion, nor was any plant, shrub or tree damaged. Such great respect shown to such humble plantings.

Your crew skillfully removed old windows then efficiently taped plastic over the openings to prevent dust from entering my home as they prepared the surface. Residual plaster dust did not fill even one swiffer pad.

Your crew meticulously removed all the old window debris from my premises. They did not use my trash cans nor burden my curbside garbage pickup. ...

Due to chemical sensitivity I was concerned about caulk curing in every room but my eyes did not suffer redness or burning nor did my nose itch or even detect an odor. What a relief.

Your crew chief listened to my concern about a raised sill tile. He demonstrated knowledge of his trade as he weighed various solutions until resolving the issue with an appropriate adhesive. Your crew chief called for replacement screens immediately when I pointed out very small damage. He noticed and investigated a unique manufacturing defect in one sash making me feel that I would get complete satisfaction of the product and the installation.

Your crew represented your business in the best possible way. I am completely satisfied with your work, highly recommending your product and service as my neighbors comment on these beautiful new windows.

Thank you for such a positive experience.

Jene Henderson

I tried for 5 years to get someone to help me replace my windows. I called numerous window companies, and they came out, and no one would even consider working on my windows. I had 3 bay windows, and one very large - almost 2 story window, with an elliptical window at the top. There was wood damage, and the home is brick. The fact that the windows had been installed in brick, was not something they would even consider doing.

I found Bruce Fountain, Fountain Enterprises, and he and his crew did an incredible job. Bruce Fountain came out numerous times, and did many measurements to make sure that all the windows would fit properly, and followed up on each and every aspect of the job. His main goal was to make sure that I was satisfied, and that the job was done to perfection. His crew was always on time, and cleaned up, and were great.

I give them the utmost recommendation. They were the only ones willing to tackle this job, and they did an incredible job.



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